with Panoramic Wooden Bath Yugao

Room Size
Living Room 20 m² / Sleeping Room 10 m²
Sqare Wooden Bath
Futon Mats on flat tatami floor
1 - 4 guests
Toilet x 2 / 4K Smart TV / Bluetooth Speaker
Free Wifi

Check In 15:00 / Check Out 11:00
*Non smoking



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About Meals

Kaiseki has three basic principles: to use ingredients at the peak of their freshness, to cherish the true flavors of each ingredient, and to cook while being mindful toward those who eat them. We prepare seasonal menus that differ each month so that you can enjoy new flavors in different seasons every time you visit us.
*Please note that meals for guests staying in Annex Senshin and Meigetsu are served in a private room in restaurant Kaiseki Kadan.

*Dinner is a kaiseki course meal. *Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese cuisine that is comprised mainly of seafood and vegetables as well as some meat dishes. *The menu changes every month. *Please notify us of your preferences in advance so that we can prepare meals to accommodate your allergies, vegetarian, gluten-free, or seafood choices, etc. We also offer shabu shabu, sukiyaki, and a kaiseki course with wagyu beef.
Please choose Japanese or Western breakfast.

*Please notify us of your meal preferences and allergies at least a day in advance.

*We provide children’s meals for children under 13.

*The last reservation for dinner is 7 p.m. Please notify us in advance if you plan to arrive at Gora Kadan after 7 p.m.

*The menu cannot be changed on the day. Please contact us by 6 p.m. on the day before your arrival for your meal preferences and dietary restrictions.